Emergency Preparedness: Souhegan and Derry CERT

Emergency Preparedness for Disasters, Power Outages or the Zombie Apocalypse.

Presented by the Souhegan and Derry Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).

Emergency Preparedness by Souhegan and Derry Community Emergency Response Teams

Watch as experts from the Souhegan and Derry Community Emergency Response Teams talk about what to do in an emergency from a Disaster and from Power lines. They will also give an update about #covid19 and what you can do to protect yourself. Town of Derry NH CERT Derry, NH Fire Department @Derry Police Department Town of Derry, NH Community Alliance for Teen Safety South Central NH Public Health Network #derrynh #derry #derry #local #derrycam #coronavirus #info #emergencypreparedness

Posted by Derry Community Access Media on Thursday, March 12, 2020

Power Outages, Pandemics – What Do You Need To Know?

Is your family prepared for a power outage lasting for weeks, months or longer? It is not a matter of “if” – it is a matter of “when.”

Did you know that the United States could experience a long-term national-scale power outage, such as from a cyberattack, solar storm or terrorist strike? The  U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security says that millions of Americans would die if there was a long-term power outage. Millions.

Is your family prepared for a power outage lasting for weeks, months or longer? Is your community prepared?

This session will review the threats to the electric grid, lessons learned from past disasters and what your family and your community can do now to prepare.This event was sponsored by the Souhegan and Derry Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).

Key Emergency Preparedness Checklists:

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Video courtesy of DerryTV. DerryTV (a division of Derry Community Access Media), Channel 17 operates as the Government Access Channel for the Town of Derry, New Hampshire and Channel 23 operates as the Public Access Channel for Derry NH.

The cavalry is not coming

On November 6, 2019 Souhegan CERT’s Michael Mabee presented “The cavalry is not coming” to IAEM-USA Region 1 (International Association of Emergency Managers) in a webinar on long-term power outages and how emergency managers can promote individual preparedness.

On August 15, 2019 Michael Mabee presented “The cavalry is not coming” for Lincoln County Maine Emergency Management Agency. Big thanks to Casey Stevens, Director of Lincoln County EMA for hosting this event! The event was broadcast live on Facebook – the video is embedded below.

The cavalry is not coming

Michael Mabee presented “the cavalry is not coming” at the New England Long Term Power Outage Summit in Hennikjer, New Hampshire, November 10, 2018.

FEMA’s Strategic Plan.

FEMA’s Strategic Plan has three goals:

1. Build a Culture of Preparedness
2. Ready the Nation for Catastrophic Disasters
3. Reduce the Complexity of FEMA

Building a culture of preparedness is a local issue. It starts with you. The government cannot “build a culture of preparedness” – this must be done by individuals, families and communities. The cavalry isn’t coming!

Take action now!

The cavalry is not coming

Emergency Radios

Emergency Radios For Home, Vehicle and “Get Home Bag”

A few thoughts on emergency radios. I discuss some of the features I was looking for and do an overview of two emergency radios I bought – one for home and one for my get home bag.

Some of the things that both of these emergency radios have include the ability to charge the battery by either solar or hand crank, NOAA weather channels and emergency lighting. Both of these radios have these features and more. They each have some different features, but fit the purposes and functions that I was looking for.

For other items you should consider, go to our Emergency Checklists page.

Emergency Radios
Etón Scorpion
Emergency Radios
Kaito KA500 Voyager

Running a house from a generator

This is my set up to run my house from a generator in a power outage. The entire set-up – generator and electrician – probably cost about $1200. (about $600 for the generator and maybe another $600 for the wiring). This was SO worth it when the power went out for over a week!

It is very important that you do the hook-up correctly. I recommend you have a licensed electrician set up your breaker box and provide the hook-up. It is not expensive and is worth every penny in a power outage!

I hope people find this video  interesting and get ideas.