Souhegan Community Response Team (CERT)

We are a group of citizens – your neighbors and co-workers – who are trained to respond 24 hours a day if any of our towns need help. Police and Fire Departments can call us up for scene traffic control, search and rescue, mass casualty incidents or any other emergency where additional personnel are needed.

We also teach emergency preparedness, build disaster resilience and prepare our communities for catastrophic disasters.

Communities We Serve:

Amherst, NH
Mont Vernon, NH
Milford, NH
Lyndeborough, NH

Souhegan Civil Defense Corp.

Souhegan Civil Defense Corp. is a recognized by the IRS as a § 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and charitable contributions can be tax deductible for U.S. residents. We support Souhegan CERT by raising money to get them the equipment they need to serve our towns.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Souhegan Civil Defense Corp. is to educate and promote individual, family, and town preparedness for disasters; to provide disaster assistance and relief to town residents in the event of a disaster; to support the Souhegan Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); and to educate and provide planning and resource options to our towns for preparation and response to a “worst-case,” long-term catastrophe affecting the towns.