Emergency Checklist from Souhegan CERT

Souhegan Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) has developed an emergency checklist to help your family be prepared for emergencies.

Most disasters we encounter in New England (e.g., hurricanes, ice storms, nor’ easters, etc.) can cause power outages. Additionally, there are numerous hazards that can cause widespread and long-term power outages. If we prepare for long term power outages, we will make our families and our communities more resilient.

Therefore, you want should think about the four survival subjects and how these can be impacted by a power outage:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter
  4. Security

This emergency checklist can help you make back up plans for an emergency. Prepare now – it is too late when the power goes out!

Click HERE for PDF Version

Emergency Checklist

Emergency Chcklist

Running a house from a generator

This is my set up to run my house from a generator in a power outage. The entire set-up – generator and electrician – probably cost about $1200. (about $600 for the generator and maybe another $600 for the wiring). This was SO worth it when the power went out for over a week!

It is very important that you do the hook-up correctly. I recommend you have a licensed electrician set up your breaker box and provide the hook-up. It is not expensive and is worth every penny in a power outage!

I hope people find this video  interesting and get ideas.